Tycoon Gold Addon by Dynasty Addons. Review

Tycoon Gold Addon. Review

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Tycoon Gold Addon Our rating:  Very good

– Works with BFA (latest expansion)
– Make more gold with farming, crafting, gathering, the auction house
– Free lifetime updates

Tycoon is a gold making addon that enhances most aspects of making gold, making you more gold per hour with less effort.

As we all know, there are numerous ways of making gold in WoW, so it’s important to focus on the right strategies that bring in the most amount of gold. Tycoon helps you do this in several ways:

  • Tycoon will scan your auction house and determine which items you can craft, gather or farm for the most profit
  • If you want to gather items (e.g. herbalism, mining), Tycoon will show you which herbs and ore demand the highest price
  • Get a list of items that you can buy from the auction house and immediately resell for big profits (the easiest way to make gold, even if you’re level 1!)
  • If you want to craft items, it will show you which recipes have the cheapest materials and highest profit margin

What about PDF guides or free gold guides on the Internet?

Sure, those resources can contain some valuable tips, but Tycoon tells you exactly what works on your specific server, right now. You don’t get that by reading a general gold making article. The thing is that the economy is constantly changing in WoW, so it’s important to have current data, which is what Tycoon gathers. That’s how it’s able to tell you what strategies make the most gold, right now, based on your specific preferences, like gathering, crafting, instances or auction house trading.

To get the most benefit out of this addon, it’s best to use it daily for a week or so (two weeks is even better) so you get accurate data from your auction house. It is possible to get started right away, of course, but there may be some inaccuracies in the data due to short term fluctuations in the market. Nevertheless, feel free to dive right in and start using it immediately.

Tycoon has been updated and maintained for many years, since it was first invented and created by Dynasty Addons, a company that makes several best-selling WoW addons. It’s always updated for new expansions, and all those updates are included for free, so you only have to pay once and get lifetime updates.

It has been sold for $47 or more in the past, but is currently on sale for $20, so grab it while they’re offering this low price because it’s truly a bargain.


Tycoon does what it’s supposed to do: give you the best gold making strategies for your server, right now, so you know how to make the most amount of gold in the least amount of time. By starting all your gold making sessions with this addon, it’s quite realistic to make 3x more gold per hour, or more. As the game changes, it will also adapt to the current state, so you’re always one step ahead. Definitely recommended.

Visit the official site for the lowest price