The Big Diabetes Lie Review – How It Can Help You In Treating Diabetes?

There are many books on diabetes topics like getting diabetes, living with diabetes, managing diabetes and even quite a few on how to reverse diabetes.

Do you or your loved one have diabetes?

Are you looking for recent medical research on diabetes that can provide you with a cure?

I found ICTM’s The Big Diabetes Lie very much helpful for people who want to wean out from insulin shots and medicines. This book highlights the facts big pharmacy companies don’t want you to know and also provide 7 Steps To Health to reverse diabetes naturally.

I am writing this review because this program helped me in reversing my diabetes completely. Although, I still monitor my food intake but I don’t need to pick my finger every day to get sugar amount, and I am feeling much healthier and energetic in my life.

DiabetesI have seen many reviews from strongly opinionated individuals who are pulling this book down just to sell their own product or program.

I am here not to sell anything; I wanted a place to share my experience with this program.

I still remember how depressed I was about my diabetes condition. Picking up fingers every day to get sugar amount, carefully monitoring every bite I take, and my family starts treating me like I am special for them. I don’t want to treated like someone special; I just wanted to live my life as a normal person does.

I am writing this about something that helped me to reverse my diabetes, and if my story inspires any one of the readers to treat his or her diabetes, I will be happy.

Ok, take a look at some eye-opening facts about diabetes.

Facts About Diabetes:

  • About 422 million people have diabetes worldwide
  • Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death
  • Diabetes is the major cause of blindness, kidney failure, and high blood pressure
  • Diabetes Type 2 is much more common than Diabetes Type 1
  • Diabetes patients are at higher risk for getting a stroke
  • Diabetes is linked to Alzheimer and increases the growth of cancerous cells.

After learning how scary this diabetes is, it is important for you to do something, anything to improve your situation. We all know insulin injections and anti-diabetes pills treat only symptoms, but The Big Diabetes Lie Program teaches you how to treat your diabetes from body for good.

About The Authors:

The Big Diabetes LieThe Big Diabetes Lie PDF is not created by a single person. Instead, it is created by a team of medical professionals which is led by Max Sidorov. Max is one of the members of his medical team called International Council from Truth in Medicine (or ICTM).

ICTM is providing people with updated knowledge on natural health including healthy natural foods, lifestyle changes and various dietary changes that help their body to perform at optimum level.

Max Sidorov is the nutritionist and fitness trainer who spend five years traveling to the world meeting with various medical professionals for their research and knowledge about diabetes.

Dr. Vito created most of the information available in this book including 7 steps to health as well. Dr. Vito’s father passed away at the age of 65 due to diabetes even after following all the correct procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Dr. Vito decided to start his own extensive research on diabetes and find a way to correct this health condition with the help of proper food and lifestyle changes. He met with like-minded scientists around the world and started collecting tests, research documents, and studies on the root cause of diabetes.

About The Big Diabetes Lie Program:

Do you notice why I write ‘program’ in the heading? It is because The Big Diabetes Lie is not a single book instead it is a collection of different books that come as a complete package.

When you get this program, you will get these books:

  • The Big Diabetes Lie Main Manual
  • Amazing Health From Water
  • Dangers of Microwave Radiation
  • Death by Medicines
  • MSG The Deadly Poison
  • Raw Live Food Recipes
  • The Miracle of Sleep
  • The Secrets of Antioxidants

This is a well-researched and scientifically proven program to help you treat the root cause of diabetes that is INFLAMMATION, instead of treating only symptoms.

The comprehensive main manual is jam-packed with various strategies, techniques, and guidelines on improving your health and treating diabetes in a natural, holistic way without medication.

You probably been told by your doctor that diabetes is in irreversible or if one of your parents has diabetes then very likely you also obtain diabetes as well.

The Bid Diabetes Lie created to expose these lies and myths about diabetes and show you the ACTUAL TRUTH ABOUT DIABETES. It contains 100 years of research to create awareness among people how their view diabetes and what they can do to prevent it.

Do you want to know some shocking lies pharma industry and doctors are saying for ages? Click the video image below to find some of them and find out how 7 steps can treat diabetes from its roots.