Text Your Wife Into Bed Review: Turn her on with this texting method!

Sounds like a fun way of romance, doesn’t it? Well, here is how this comes about. When Michael Fiore came up with this idea, he had a goal in mind. He was attempting to solve the problem of a marriage lacking spice and drama.

Many men who have tried out this program have said in their consumer reviews that their marriages were sort of crumbling on the edges because they never realized that the quietness in the relationship was killing their relationship.

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Women always want to feel wanted and they crave attention and when they don’t get it, they will find ways to create some no matter how destructive that might be. And all this in an attempt to feel recognized. Text your wife into bed is just one of the few books that tell you how to add that interesting ingredient into your marriage.

But if you are thinking this is a scam, think again because as you will see from this review, the eBook has quite a lot to bring to the table. As you will discover, the texts contained in the book and their applications are meant to make her feel sexually wanted and letting her give in to her sexual urges without feeling judged or cheap.

Even though you are married or exclusively together, saying the wrong thing can make her feel slutty. Here, you will find the story dismantled into the parts that make it up and a verdict shall be delivered to you about whether it is a worthy buy or not. So, welcome to today’s review and get educated.

The Main Idea behind It

Every solution has that element which makes it special and outstanding among others. The only way to know if it’s any good, would be to know what the intention of the solution was. The problem that Michael Fiore attempts to solve with Text your wife To Bed, is all about the need to have drama and intensity in a marriage.

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Messaging as a way of communication is not such a favorite among adults but then again, women catch up with technology and its communication aspects faster than we do. The trick here is to use the way we communicate, to make her feel wanted and arouse her desires in exactly the way she would want.

The idea here is, to make her life more interesting by being a little more active and concerned about it.

FUN FACT: Just because the title of the book is “Text Your Wife Into Bed”, doesn’t mean it is exclusively for married men. If you are trying to introduce spice into your life with new techniques, this is for you too.

 What the Book Contains

When you want to try out a new book, you would most likely want a sneak peek at it or at least a small summary on the cover to hook you into it. Well, here is the one for this book.

  • Ways to make her more interested- This is one thing that a lot of men find difficult to do. They trip up and stumble whenever they try and sometimes, they may not be as smooth as she would like. The art of making a woman more interested lies in understanding her and here you will find ways to do that in relation to texting.
  • How to initiate a session- He has named it differently but let’s call the time you two text a session, there are ways in which you can initiate it and these would include a catchphrase or an interesting tidbit to capture her attention.
  • How to make her feel wanted- This is the part where people fail. It’s not about saying the dirty things or reminding her of some slutty thing you said or making reference to genitalia. No, that would be considered a bit off kilt.

Michael teaches you how to gently ease her into a good mood where her engines fire up into higher intensity by saying the little but right things.

That way, she craves you more and as you get better at building up the craving as you go, it will become something she looks forward to.

  • How to text- This mostly involves what to say because as we all know, men like saying the stupidest of things in messages and then crying about it later or spending a frustratingly huge amount of time explaining what they meant.

This not only kills the mood but also discourages them from trying the method again. When you get to know what to say and how to say it, you can thank Michael Fiore for that.

  • Techniques to use– I do not want to plagiarize anyone’s work but I have seen on particular technique which has received quite some attention. It is not given in clear detail in the consumer reviews or any of the sites but they call it the “Curiosity Pivot”.

The idea behind this is that you can bait her by changing the content of your messages from normal routine into sexual stuff. This will be like an invitation to her that tells her you are geared up and interested. She will then have to respond in kind. Basically, it is easing her into the mood for sex.

  • The way to keep the fire burning– After sending her the texts that capture her curiosity. She will bite the bait. Yes, if you are good at following instructions, it will be that easy. The woman wants to relive the past sexual experiences and be complimented.